Disposals, Recycling and Shredding

The process of any relocation often involves the disposal of furniture, IT and telecommunications equipment and documentation. We offer an environmentally friendly disposal service for old furniture and equipment and ensure all disposals and recycling is fully audited and backed up by full certification. Our recycling service is compliant with the waste transfer, environmental protection and WEE legislation. Any documentation which requires secure confidential shredding will be securely transported to an approved shredding facility and will be backed up with a certification.

We also dispose of any unwanted electrical equipment at an approved recycling centre and those which are covered under the WEEE directive will be recycled according to the current regulations.

Our aim as a business is to provide a cost effective solution to landfill by limiting the amount of waste and recycling 99% of products.

Our Disposals, Recycling and Shredding service includes:

WEEE Recycling

Recycling of office furniture

Confidential waste disposal

Computer disposal

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